Install Windows 10 on SSD

If you want to clean install Windows 10 to an SSD, you should, first of all, create a Windows 10 installation media by using Microsoft Media Creation Tool, boot your PC from that media, and finally installing Windows 10 to the SSD. Note that if the SSD is brand new, you can easily get a fresh install. But if it is a used drive that has data saved, clean the hard drive first to make it unallocated space (back up first if necessary), then you can do the installation. In view of this, many users consider it more convenient to transfer Windows 10 on SSD, avoiding the very troublesome backup and installation.
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How to Install Windows 10 on SSD Quickly

If your Windows 10 is running just fine but you want to transfer Windows 10 to SSD, migrating Windows 10 is the best/easiest procedure for extracting the old windows 10 OS from the old hard drive. With professional disk partition manager, it should be an easy task. Here we recommend using MiniTool Partition Wizard Free to help you, for it not only allows you to migrate Windows 10 only but also all content on the system disk. This is significant. If your SSD has a small capacity, migrating Windows 10 is the best choice. If your SSD has a large capacity, migrating all content on the system disk is also a nice choice. Download the freeware first.

Download MiniTool Partition Wizard

Install Partition Wizard Free on your PC and then run it to get the main interface. Then connect the prepared SSD to your PC. Now you can view all your disk partition status in the disk map area. See the system disk is selected by default. At this time, click Migrate OS to SSD/HD feature from the toolbar.
install windows 10 on SSD-1
Select a way to migrate your OS and continue. (For either way, the migrating procedure is the same.)
install windows 10 on SSD-2
Here select the SSD as the target disk. Then move on.
install windows 10 on SSD-3
Review the changes to be made on the SSD. You ca also make some changes before you continue.
install windows 10 on SSD-4
Read the way to boot from the destination disk. This is important. Then click Finish.
install windows 10 on SSD-5
Finally, click Apply on the toolbar. For a successful migration, Partition Wizard needs a reboot to finish this job. Please do as you are prompted.
install windows 10 on SSD-6
When MiniTool Partition has finished the migration, your PC will reboot. You will need to shut down the computer, connect SSD via SATA, enter BIOS to move SSD to the first boot sequence and reboot. You will find the new running Windows 10 is identically the same with the former one and now you can enjoy the better performance SSD brings to you.
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