How to Hide Partition

Why Would You Need to Hide a Partition?

Do you really need to hide or dismount a partition? Why do you hide or dismount a partition? Usually, the reasons for hiding a drive can vary, depending on your context:
• If you have some private files stored in a specific partition of a public computer, you may consider hiding partition so that others cannot access the drive and make any changes to the files in it.
• If you are working as a system admin, you might want to hide the partition that contains some management tools like recovery tools on the network.
When you hide or dismount a partition in Windows, the partition will be invisible to all user accounts on the same operating system. However, if you have other operating systems installed on the same computer, the partition is not hidden. So make sure you have set hidden partitions on the desired OS if you have multiple operating systems installed.

How to Hide/Dismount Partition in Disk Manager

Windows provides a way to dismount partition. First, you need to open Disk Management via “diskmgmt.msc” command. There you can see a box with all the partitions existing on your computer.
Right click on the partition you want to hide and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths” from the context menu.
How to Hide Partition-1
In the “Change Drive Letter and Paths” window, click the “Remove” button.
How to Hide Partition-2
You are asked to confirm the removal of the drive letter. Click “Yes”.
How to Hide Partition-3
Note: If there are some applications using files from the target partition, you are warned that the drive is in use. At this time, close all the applications that might be using files from that partition and then repeat.
Now the partition is hidden and is no longer accessible from the current operating system. Windows will remember the setting you just made, at each login and the partition will never be available unless you choose to unhide it.
Note: It is worth of mentioning that other users can also login to Windows Disk Management and make use of “Change Drive Letter and Path” to add a drive letter so as to access the partition. In this case, professional disk partition management tool is highly recommended.

Hide Drive Using MiniTool Partition Wizard Portable

We think MiniTool Partition Wizard Portable is the best suggestion for users who want to dismount partition because you can hide partition using this tool, remove this tool and then others cannot unhide that partition unless they have the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard.
Lets’ see how it works:
First of all, download MiniTool Partition Wizard Portable here and save it to your USB flash drive.
Then follow the simple guide below:
Run MiniTool Partition Wizard to the main interface. Then you will see all hard drive partitions are listed in the middle panel. Select the partition you want to hide and choose Hide Partition from the left action panel.
How to Hide Partition-4
Click Apply to save this change.
How to Hide Partition-5
Finally, remove your USB flash drive that containing MiniTool Partition Wizard Portable. You can check Disk Management and the “Change Drive Letter” feature is not useful at all now.
Tip: MiniTool Partition Wizard also offers a way to Change Letter.
This is the end of how to dismount partition. Try these ways out by yourself.


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