How to Format External Hard Drive

How can I reformat my external hard drive? I have an old drive that got a virus on it and I’m running out of space on my new one. So I want to take EVERYTHING off, and be able to put games/other stuff on it without having the virus on it still.
When I plug my external into my pc it tells me it’s unable to use and to format the drive. So I try to do so, and Windows tells me that there’s a program using the external drive. I attempt to format anyway since I know there’s no programs using the drive, and after a minute the formatting comes to a stop and I get a message saying it’s unable to format. I’ve tried formatting it via ‘This PC’ and Disk Management in Windows 10. Tried Quick Format as well and nothing is progressing. Help is much appreciated.

The questions listed above are two typical examples on how to format an external hard drive. In some cases, users have no idea on how to format an external hard drive. While in most cases, users failed to do the hard drive formatting by using Windows formatting. Thus they would search on the internet and try their best to find out the real solution. In this pot we would like to show users a easy-to-use yet free hard d rive formatting program.

How to Format an External Hard Drive in Windows 7/8/10

When mentioning about formatting, if you can only think about using Windows Disk Management and Windows Explorer, then we would like to recommend free MiniTool Partition Wizard to you. This free disk partition management software has been widely used around the world. And it is doing well in satisfying almost all the basic needs for Windows average users.
MiniTool Partition Wizard is an excellent external hard drive formatting software. The picture below is the main interface of this tool.
Tip: download hard drive formatting freeware which works well on Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
Partition Wizard can format all kinds of hard drives, including external hard drives. Besides, it differs from Disk Management in that it can format a partition larger than 32 GB to FAT32. Besides, if someday you want to employ NTFS file system, you don’t need to lose all data in it, you can directly convert it to NTFS (see guide). Users can complete the task of “format external hard drive” easily with its clear prompts.
In addition to formatting external hard drives in Windows, Partition Wizard also provides users with many other useful features, such as migrate system to SSD/HDD, copy hard drive, recover partition, align partition, etc. Therefore, you can download this freeware to your computer as a common tool to keep your hard drive well managed. Last but not least, if you don’t want t keep it in your computer ,Partition Wizard also offers portable versions for users.


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