How to Fix a Bad Partitioned Disk

For users who are not familiar with disk partition management, they are likely to partition their hard drives bad. Usually, they cannot estimate how much disk space each partition requires to save specific files. After a period of time, each partition is filled with more or less files. For the partition that keeps increasing used space, it is easy to become red partition bar. For the partition that slowly increases data, more disk space is wasted. Hence, there is a necessity to repartition hard disk.
But how to repartition a hard disk without damaging data? I will give you the best suggestion.

Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to Repartition Hard Disk

MiniTool Partition Wizard – professional disk partition management software that can resolve a lot of hard drive issues – is recommended here. To repartition hard disk, MiniTool Partition Wizard offers 6 useful features, and they are Create Partition, Delete Partition, Move/Resize Partition (available only when there is adjacent unallocated space), Extend Partition, Merge Partition, and Split Partition. It is worth recommending that the latter 4 are lossless features to help you repartition hard disk.
How to fix a bad partitioned disk without damaging data? Suppose that you have multiple partitions C, D, E, F on a drive, D has a lot of free space but C is running out of disk space. In this case, Extend Partition can do you a favor.
Step 1. Select partition C and choose Extend Volume from the action panel.
How to Fix a Bad Partitioned Disk-1
Step 2. In the pop-up window, take free space from partition D. besides, slide the button to decide how much free space you want to take from partition D. after doing these, click OK to go back to the main interface.
How to Fix a Bad Partitioned Disk-2
Step 3. Click Apply to make this change effective.
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All is done.
From the above example, you see MiniTool Partition Wizard is really helpful and easy to use. So you can totally rely on it to fix a bad partitioned disk.
For your info: why use MiniTool Partition Wizard instead of Disk Management?
Run Windows Disk Management utility, right click a partition and you can see all available functions. By observing, you see several features are related to repartition hard disk, and they are Extend Volume, Shrink Volume, Delete Volume, and Create Volume.
How to Fix a Bad Partitioned Disk-4
How can you actually use them? If you need to increase a partition size, you can make use of the Extend Volume feature, provided that there is some unallocated space/free space following immediately after the target partition. If no space is available, extend volume is grayed out. In this case, you have to back up data on the partition that is following immediately after the target partition, then delete this partition so as to make Extend Volume available. How do you think of such operations? Guess you know the reason now.

Bottom Line

Reading here, I guess you know the difference of using MiniTool Partition Wizard and Disk Management to repartition hard disk. Next time when you are faced with such kind of issues, ask the professional for help.


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