How to Create More Partitions

While I am formatting my laptop I can’t create more than 4 primary partition. What is the reason behind that error?
As is known to all, one of the biggest limitations of MBR disk is that it can support up to four primary partitions. But in many cases we may need to create more than four partitions to store kinds of data. In this case, three primary partitions plus one extended partition on MBR disk is a good choice. However, if there are already four primary partitions on the same disk, how can we create the extended partition to include more logical partitions?
Well, the answer is: we can convert a primary partition to logical. As logical partitions are included in extended partition, thus the extended partition appears. In the range of the extended partition, we can create as many logical partitions as we want.
Tip: This post helps you to create logical partition.

How to Convert Primary Partition to Logical

Now, the only question is how to convert a primary partition to logical. Here a wonderful tool named MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended. Detailed steps can be found in each interface of this tool, so don’t worry about how to use it.
Step by step guide on how to convert a primary partition to logical:
Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition
Tip: It is recommended to choose a primary partition that is adjacent to the unallocated space to logical. Thus, the unallocated space can also be created as logical partition. However, don’t choose system partition to convert, which will lead to system unbootable.
Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, click on the primary to be converted and select “Set Partition as Logical“.
Step 2: Click “Apply” to save the change. After a while, the select partition will b turned to logical partition and we can create more partitions on the same disk.
Tip: Although we can create more than four partitions now, it is likely that the new logical partitions are too small to make use of. In this situation, we should employ “Move/Resize Partition” to shrink a partition that is occupying too much disk space and then use “Extend Partition” to expand Windows partition.
This is the end of how to create more partitions to store all kinds of data. Now if you are also searching for why can’t create more than four primary partitions or how to create more partitions, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard to convert primary partition to logical.


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