Hide Private Data in Windows

Today people tend to store all kinds of information on computer. Among these data some are treasured information that cannot be modified or deleted, and some are personal or even confidential information that cannot be exposed to others. On this occasion, hiding private data is a good choice. Today we are going to talk about how to hide private data in Windows in all directions.

Three Ways to Hide Private Data in Windows

1. Hide folders by changing folder properties
If there are a small number of data that needs to be hidden, you can put these data into a folder or several folders for hide.
Here is how to do it.
Right click the folder (take the New folder for example) and click “Properties”. In the pop-up windows, tick “Hidden” and then click “OK”.
Tips: You can click the “Advanced” button for an encryption. This method can prevent people logging in from other accounts from opening the encrypted folders. However, please make sure you have decoded the folders before reinstalling operating system to guarantee your own access.

Then, drop down “Organize” to choose “Folder and search options”.
Note: In Windows 8, this feature lies in “View”.

The Folder Options window will appear immediately. At this part, tick “Don’t show hidden files, folders, or drives” under “View”.

You see, the New folder disappears.
Note: To unhide folders, you need to choose “Show hidden files, folders, or drives” under “View” first, and then cancel the “Hidden” property of each folder one by one.

2. Remove drive letter by using Disk Management
The above content is aimed at a small amount of data in several folders. Now things get more complicated. How to hide a large amount of private information that takes up nearly a whole partition? Still category the data into folders and hide them one by one?
Here is a more intelligent way. You just need to store these data in a same partition and then hide the whole partition. This demand is similar with Angus’ who comes from Sevenforums.
“I have a PC which shows not only my C: drive for Windows 7 but also various Vista drives & partitions – when I boot into Windows 7. So, how do I hide my D:, E:, F:, etc. drives which are for Vista? I don’t want to see them when I’m in Windows 7.
Any help will be appreciated.
–By Angus1000 from Sevenforums”

There are two ways to hide a partition. First of all, let’s see how Disk Management helps users by convention.
Firstly, right click “Computer” and choose “Manage” to enter Computer Management. Secondly, clcik “Disk Manegment” in the left panel to show your disks. Thirdly, right click the partition (F:) that needs to be hidden and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths”.

Fourthly, you need to remove the drive letter and then the partition (F:) is missing from My Computer and Windows Explorer.
Note: When you feel like to view the hidden partition, just add the drive letter according to the same path.

3. Hide partition by using Partition Magic
Another approach to hide a whole partition is by using MiniTool Partition Wizard Free. This software provides more visual features called “Hide Partition” and corresponding “Unhide Partition”.
This program is user-friendly and cuts to the point. Only three steps make up the whole operation: launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Free > click the target partition and choose “Hide/Unhide Partition > click “Apply“.


You must have noticed that there are many other useful features in MiniTool Partition Wizard, and this is one of the reasons for its global popularity. Why not download this freeware to figure it out by yourself?


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