Hide partition with partition magic in windows 8

Maybe many users have had the idea of hiding partition to protect private information or significant data. But this is not an easy thing to do. Even the newest Windows 8 system built-in disk management tool can not help us to realize this operation. Actually, we can use system built-in disk management tool to delete drive letter so that the partition will not be showed. But it is possible that other users can still use this tool to create new drive letter and access this partition. Deleting drive letter cannot hide partition in real sense. At this time, what we need is a piece of partition magic. Visit http://www.partitionmagic.biz and we can download this partition magic and install. Next, let’s see a demonstration of hiding partition with partition magic in Windows 8.

Hide partition with partition magic in Windows 8
Before hiding partition, let’s first see a picture showing partition condition in my computer:

From this picture we can see that there are eight partitions in my computer. Here let’s take hiding partition D: for example. Launch this partition magic to enter main interface:

In main interface of this partition magic, we can check disk and partition condition. “Operations” area shows us various management functions. To hide partition D:, we should select partition D:, and then click “Hide Partition” button:

In this picture, we can see the effect of clicking “Hide Partition” button. Now the drive letter of partition D: has gone and there is one pending operation in “Operations Pending” blank. At last, click “Apply” button to execute so that we can finish hiding partition.
How easy it can be to hide partition with partition magic in Windows 8! Let’s check the result:

Here, we can no longer find partition D:. Thus, we have successfully hidden partition D:. Moreover, in the system built-in disk management tool, we can no longer find partition D:.

In this interface, we can see that the hidden partition D: has neither drive letter nor file system. Right clicking it, we will find that it is impossible to set drive letter for it. These are the differences between hiding partition and deleting drive letter of it.

Isn’t this result satisfying? With such simple operations, we can easily hide partition with partition magic in Windows 8 in real sense. To access hidden partition again, we can use the “Unhide Partition” function of partition magic. There will be no effect on data security.


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