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Benefit of Hide Disk Partitions

Sometimes it is embarrassed to expose some personal files to our families and friends when they borrow our computers to use. And one of my friends just asked this kind of question:” I know they are not purposed to do it but they saw it finally. How can I prevent this from happening? I cannot follow them and monitor whether they go to the sensitive path after all. Shall I set access control on each folder? That’s messy…”
I told my friend this is very easy to be solved so he does not need to get his nerve tense. Creating a private partition for all private data and just hiding it will be a more easy way to get avoid this embarrassment. The working principle? Yeah this is because Windows Explorer won’t display a partition without any drive letter. In this way our private partitions are disappeared from users unless they check your hard drives.
Then I will go through how to make a partition disappearing from Windows 10.
Note: Also works perfectly on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1.

How to Hide Partition in Windows 10

I will show you two ways to do this:
The first way is to use Windows built-in Disk Management – I love using it. Right-click on This PC, and then choose Management. In the new opened window unfold Storage and click on Disk Management. Then you are able to see the disk layout of your attached disks.
How to hide drive letter in Windows 10. (I’d like to take partition J: for example.)
Click on partition j: and choose Change Drive Letter and Path…Then click on Move, and that’s all.
The second way, although Disk Management is so straightforward, I also want you guys to have a try. This is a software I have used for a long time. And the location for “Change Letter” is by clicking it the same way with in Disk Management. Choose None to apply and the partition is hidden.
Why I also recommend this freeware? The reason is that this freeware is safe and powerful and provides more than Disk Management. I just think maybe you may find it helpful when Disk Management fails.
Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free


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