Copy Partition

There are three ways to start the Copy Partition function of this partition magic:

  • 1. Click "Partitions" in the top menu ยป click "Copy".
  • 2. Click the button "Copy" in the Tool Bar.
  • 3. Click “Copy Partition” under the group Partition Operations in the Action panel.

This function can help you to copy the selected partition to the free space of a disk. Target disk can be the disk containing the selected partition or a different disk.


The procedure to Copy Partition is listed below.

  • a. First select the original partition. This is partition you want to copy.
  • b. Select the free space where you would like to copy the partition.
  • c. Preview and set the capacity and location of the new partition, then set the type of the new partition.

Tip: when you cancel Copy the partition with resize, partition magic will clone the original partition to the new partition.





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