Copy Disk

There are several ways to initiate the Copy Disk operation of this partition magic:

  • 1. Select the disk you would like to copy » click "Disk" in the top menu » click "Copy".
  • 2. Select the disk you would like to copy, click the "Copy Disk" button under Disk Operations in the Action Panel.
  • 3. Select the disk you would like to copy, click the "Copy" button in the toolbar.
  • 4. In any conditions, just click the “Copy Disk Wizard” under Wizard in the top menu.

The process of Copy disk is listed below:

  • a. Selecting source disks (if using copy Disk Wizard)
  • b. Selecting target disks
  • c. Set the copy method.

Here are several copy methods:

  • a. Fit partitions to entire disk
  • b. Copy partitions without resize
  • c. Copy partitions with minimum size.


Copy disk requires that the source disk and target disk to not be the same physical drive. For operating systems such as Windows Vista/2008/7, only after using Copy partitions without resize would the computer boot from the newly copied disk.


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