Hard Drive Is Full

While surfing the internet, we found many users are asking this question: my c drive is full, and how can I deal with it? Generally speaking, this issue is easy to overcome as long as you have a professional partition manager to help you. And in this post, we would like to show the detailed steps.

Solution 1. Upgrade Hard Drive

The first solution we recommend here is to upgrade hard drive. As we know, there are several partitions on a system hard drive usually, so as to make it easier to manage user data. Thus, when hard drive issue happens and no partition is able to allocate some free space, the best way is to upgrade hard drive. And here MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition is a good choice to do this job.
Before you do:
Connect a larger drive to PC via SATA successfully.
Download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard, then run it to the main interface.
Now right click the disk that needs upgrade to select Copy.
Then choose a larger target disk to hold all data on the source disk. Please note all data will be cleaned so a backup may be necessary if there is any important data in it.
Here you need to choose a copy option. As the target disk is larger than the source disk, each option is available. Also you can tick the force to align partitions to 1 MB option to optimize the performance of the target drive.
After reading a hit message telling how to boot from the destination disk, you can click Apply to execute all changes.
When MiniTool has finished its job, you can set computer to boot from the target disk and then the source disk can be formatted used for other purpose. (learn how to format hard drive)

Solution 2. Free up Hard Drive Space

Another solution is to free up hard drive space by deleting unnecessary files. And you can accomplish this task by doing the followings:
1. Empty Recycle Bin. Needless to say, you will delete files more or less in daily life, and these files are usually stored in Recycle Bin. Thus you can right click the icon and select Empty Recycle Bin to allocate some disk space.
2. Uninstall some program. Sometimes, you may install a program for experience. However, this program may take up much disk space and you just spend little time on it. If this program is not a necessity, you may uninstall it to free up hard drive space.
3. Run Disk Cleanup. Disk Cleanup can calculate how much free disk space a drive can allocate and do it. You only need to choose Property from right-click menu, and select Disk Cleanup. Then follow its direction to complete.
OK now you know how to deal with hard drive is full issue. You can use either way to start. By the way, please be careful when you free up hard drive space by deleting files. If you make the wrong deletion, you can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to help find data.


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