GPT Protective Partition

When connecting an internal/external GPT hard drive to a 32-bit Windows XP operating system, you may find your drive is inaccessible and Disk Management reports the drive as a GPT protective partition. In this case, you cannot access this partition and all data in it.
If you are now suffering such an issue, you may read on because we offer you the best solution to access data in GPT protective partition as well as the way to re-use this drive.

How to Recover Data from GPT Protective Partition

To access GPT protective partition, we recommend using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to scan data in it and recover useful data from it. It is well known that MiniTool Power Data Recovery is easy to use. Even your grandma can use it without difficulty. Next, we will show you the guidance.

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Step 1. After installing MiniTool Power Data Recovery, run it and select the “Damaged Partition Recovery” module.
Step 2. Select the GPT protective partition to have a full scan and wait until the scan is finished.
GPT protective partition-1
Step 3. Then the scanning result will be displayed. Please check and select the files you need and then click “Save” button to choose a safe location for data storage. Please note that the free edition has a 1GB data recovery limitation. To recover more, you need to get one license.
GPT protective partition-2
When you have finished GPT partition recovery, you can now deal with the GPT protective partition so as to use it further.

How to Clear GPT Protective Partition

First of all, we need to clear the whole GPT disk so that we have some options in Disk Management.
Step 1. At the start menu, run “CMD” to call out a command line window. Then type Diskpart and press Enter. Please allow diskpart to make changes to your PC.
Step 2. Run the following commands in order:
• List disk (all your drives connected to this PC will be displayed)
• Select disk n (n should be replaced with the correct disk number of the GPT disk you need to clear)
• Clean
Then it is time to convert the GPT disk to MBR. At the command line, please type “convert mbr” and press Enter. Then all is done.
Note: Sometimes CMD tells you that “The disk you specified cannot be converted to MBR. Please select an empty GPT disk to convert.” At this time, the conversion is failed. Please refer to the following method.
MiniTool Partition Wizard Free helps convert data disk from GPT to MBR and vice versa. With its clear interface, you can easily go through the steps.
Step 1. Select the GPT disk to be converted and choose “Initialize to MBR Disk” or choose “Convert GPT Disk to MBR Disk”.
Step 2. Click “Apply” on the top left corner.
GPT protective partition-3
Step 3. Select the unallocated space and create new partitions on it.

Bottom Line

In this post, we show you how to access data in GPT protective partition and then how to convert GPT to MBR for reusing. Hope they are useful. By the way, we would like to suggest using the most popular operating system to avoid such kind of issues.


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