Free Partition Recovery Software

Why Recover Partition

We should all know that a disk is usually divided into several parts, and each parts is called a partition. A partition can store a specific kind of data so as to make it easy for us to manage a sea of data. Usually we would divide a portion of space to install operating system, a portion of space to store working paper, and a portion of space to save private files separately. But there is a risk that we may get one or all of our partitions lost due to many reasons. And the most likely reasons are mistaken deletion and virus attack. In these situation, all data in the lost partition will disappear from My Computer. Have you ever encounter such situation? If this bad luck comes across you, what should you do?
In fact, this kind partition lost can be recovered by using free partition recovery software, as long as we haven’t recreate a new partition and rewrite data in it. We can just rely on the software to restore partition without efforts. Of course, once the partition is recovered, all the data disappeared will emerge altogether.

Restore Partition freeware – MiniTool Partition Wizard

So what is the free partition recovery tool as we have mentioned above. Yes it is MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. Many users may have the experience of using this freeware and most of us have heard about it. It is very famous among the western country. Partition Wizard Free offers a feature called “Partition Recovery” that is specially designed for lost partition recovery. Next we will talk about how to recovery partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard.
Step One: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, click the disk that contains the lost partition and choose “Partition recovery”.
Step Two: Select a scanning range. Since the partition is lost, we can choose Unallocated Space. Click “Next“.
Step Three: Select scanning method for the specific scanning rage. Usually we can choose Quick Scan first, because it’s time-saving; if Quick Scan fails, turn to Full Scan. Click “Next“.
Step Four: Choose all needed partitions on the disk. So we should check all of them listed there. Click “Finish” and we will be lead to the main interface.
Step Five: at this time we can see the unallocated space has been created as a partition without drive letter. Then press “Apply” to confirm changes.
When all these have been finished, the lost partition as well as the data are restored. But there is a last step for us to finish if we want to open the partition successfully. We should allocate a drive letter for the found partition. Then, all is done.


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