Format Hard Drive

The Reasons to Format a Hard Drive

When will you format hard disk drive? Normally when you’re setting a new hard drive at the first time, you need to format the hard drive; and when you want to get rid of errors from the drive, you can format the hard drive; also ,when you create a bootable disk, you need to format the hard drive. The reasons are various. However, there are a few situations that one might take format hard drive into consideration.
Formatting hard drive is simple and useful to clean data quickly. But you should know it at the same time that formatting can delete all data on your hard drive. So make sure you really want to format it in case that you may regret of doing so.

How to Perform Hard Drive Formatting

Remember you will lose everything which is on the drive once you perform formatting. So make sure the data in it has a piece of backup, if they are of great value. However, in some cases, it is impossible for you to do the backup if the hard drive get virus attack… That is the worst situation.
Process of formatting:
Of course, it is as easy as ABC for MiniTool Partition Wizard. First of all, you need to download freeware MiniTool Partition Wizard.
Download Freeware
Now, open Partition Wizard and choose the partition that you intend to format in the middle pane, then click “Format” to call out the Format Partition box. In the box, enter the partition label, and select a file system of your desired such as FAT3, NTFS, ext2, ext3, and ext4. As to the cluster size, MiniTool Partition Wizard will automatically determine the cluster size depending on selected file system as well as your partition size, too small or too big always has the drawback more or less. So the Default option is recommended. After setting the parameters you need to perform “Apply” to make the changes effective.
Note If the drive contains several partitions, you need to repeat this process.
1. Please note that format an existing drive will remove all your data so make sure you do not need them any more or you have made the backup.
2. If you are going to save files larger than 4GB after the formatting, use NTFS to break the 4GB limitation of FAT32.
MiniTool Partition Wizard not only offers the function of hard drive formatting, including external hard drive formatting, but also offers more practical features such as creating partition, changing primary partition to logical partition, etc. Therefore, should you have any partition problem, ask help for MiniTool Partition Wizard, it will solve all problems for you without any trouble.


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