FAT32 Formatter

What Is FAT32?

FAT32 refers to a kind of files system which is compatible with Windows 95 and the later Windows operating system. By increasing the number of bits used to address clusters and reducing the size of each cluster size, it can support larger disks up to 2TB.
Till now FAT32 is a relatively old file system that can bring some issues in the daily life. For example, when you are saving individual files larger than 4GB to a partition that adopts FAT32 files, you will definitely encounter the “file is too large for the destination file system” issue. Thus, many users tend to format USB drives and SD cards to NTFS which can avoid such embarrassment and provides higher security.
However, FAT32 has better compatibility since is an earlier operating system. And this is extremely significant when you tried to use the SD card/USB drive to Raspberry Pi or Sony PS4 PlayStation. Due to such reason, there are times when you need to format the removable disk to FAT32. In this short post, we show you the best FAT32 formatter.

How to Complete FAT32 Formatting Quickly

Tip: if the USB drive/SD card employs NTFS file system, you can totally rely on MiniTool Partition Wizard to convert NTFS to FAT32, which will keep all your data intact and avoid data backup. To get more information, read our guide Here Is the Free Software to Convert NTFS to FAT32.
If the USB drive/SD card employs other files systems other than NTFS, you will have to do the formatting. Note that formatting brings data loss, so back up important files in advance. Here two useful tools are introduced.
Disk Utility
As we all know, Windows operating system comes with many useful utilities to help users address multiple issues. And Disk Utility is a FAT32 formatter that is useful here. In Windows 10, right click “This PC”, choose Manage and then Disk Management, you will be able to view and manage all your hard drives connected to PC. Here right click the partition on the SD/USB flash drive and choose “Format” from the shortcut menu. Select FAT32 as the desired file system and confirm the formatting.
It is worth mentioning that Disk Utility is not always working for it only allows formatting disks no more than 32GB to FAT32. What is your USB drive has 128GB capacity? In this case, use MiniTool Partition Wizard instead.
Partition Manager
As one of the best FAT32 formatted, MiniTool partition manager offers flexible ways to do formatting. Despite the multiple file systems available, you are even allowed to format SD cards/USB drives with huge capacities (no more than 2TB) to FAT32.
Operations are rather easy. Just select the partition on the removable disk and choose “Format Partition”, select FAT32 from the File System box and press OK, and finally press “Apply” button.
Now it is your turn using FAT32 format SD card.


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