FAT 32 to NTFS conversion

Many Windows XP users may have come across a strange situation where large capacity data can not be stored into certain partition even when the partition has too much free space left. Well then, what is the exact reason? The most possible reason is that the very partition is a FAT 32 partition and FAT 32 can only store and manage a single file smaller than 4GB. Thus, providing that a single file is larger than 4 GB, it can not be stored to FAT 32 partition. In this condition, carrying out FAT 32 to NTFS conversion is in dire need. Speaking of partition management, some users think of using Windows built-in disk management tool. However, this tool disappoints users since it provides limited and defective partition management functions. If users want to realize FAT 32 to NTFS conversion by using such a tool, they need to reformat partition. That is because file system has been appointed when users format partition. Nevertheless, with the development of software technology, partition magic with the function of FAT 32 to NTFS conversion has emerged on current market. Consequently, users just need to find a piece of suitable partition magic.

There is a widely held misbelief that users can download a piece of partition magic on networks randomly. However, random software downloading is risky, for partition magic provided on some downloading websites has severe bugs. Once users adopt such software for partition management, they will suffer from unexpected issues such as partition damage or partition data loss. Considering the very facts that users lack professional knowledge of partition management, we’d like to recommend professional partition magic. Being fully functional, professional partition magic can help format partition, delete partition, extend partition, resize partition, split partition, merge partitions, convert FAT 32 to NTFS and change cluster size. Owning high security, professional partition magic is able to realize various partition management operations without affecting data.

Perform FAT 32 to NTFS conversion with professional partition magic
Being public-oriented, professional partition magic requires no complicated operations. If users want to use the software to convert FAT 32 to NTFS, they need to download the software via http://www.partitionmagic.biz/ at first and then install it on computer. After that, run the software to get its main interface:

FAT 32 to NTFS conversion
The interface above is the main interface of professional partition magic. As presented, the software provides users with comprehensive partition management functions. Since users want to perform FAT 32 to NTFS conversion, they need to choose “Convert FAT to NTFS” function in action panel. After clicking it, users will see the following interface:

FAT 32 to NTFS conversion1
After confirming FAT 32 to NTFS conversion, users need to click “Start” button to convert file system. When conversion is finished, users should click “Close” button to end operation. When all operations are done, users are successful to convert FAT 32 to NTFS.

As users can see, it is so easy to perform FAT 32 to NTFS conversion by using professional partition magic, isn’t it? If users wonder more information about partition management and professional partition magic, they can visit the mentioned website to get.


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