Partition Magic FAQ

Are Windows Server 2008 and Windows 8 supported by partition magic?

A: In wake of the release of Windows Server 2008 and Windows 8, our partition magic offers full support and compatibility to these two operating systems.

Can I use this partition magic to manage mirrored volume?

A: Definitely, our partition magic support various dynamic disk volumes, including simple volume, striped volume, spanned volume, mirrored volume and RAID 5 volume.

Can Partition Magic Free Edition convert dynamic disk to basic disk?

A: Sorry, you may turn to Partition Magic Professional or higher editions to help convert dynamic disk to basic disk.

Can I use Partition Magic Free Edition to merge partitions?

A: Merge Partitions function is not included on Free Edition. To realize this operation, Partition Magic Professional or higher editions are required.

Can I do some other stuff when I am resizing partition with this partition magic?

A: You are kindly recommended that you shouldn’t do any other operations when resizing partition to avoid troubles.

Why can’t I create a new partition?

A: To create a new partition, an unallocated space is a must. You can get an unallocated space by using Move/Resize Partition function to shrink an existing partition. Then, you can successfully create a partition.

Accidentally deleted a partition. How can I recover it?

A: You can have recourse to the “Partition Recovery” function on our partition magic to free recover lost partition.

Why can I see the lost partition even I have recovered it?

A: After successfully recovering a lost partition, there is one more step needed: assign drive letter for this partition. Employing Change Drive Letter functions to finish it.

What can I do with the DEMO version?

A: Demo version gives you an access to what our partition magic can do with corresponding license types. The only limitation is that you can not save or apply any changes you have made.

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