EZ GIG IV Alternative

If you are interested in hard drive backup, you are likely to know one piece of software called Apricorn EZ GIG IV. This is a free disk cloning software that can be used to clone all data including the system, settings, emails, personal files to another hard drive. We believe that most of its users are attracted by its “excluding files while copying disk feature”, so do we. However, despite the very easy software guide, we have some difficult to go through the steps before we can exclude a file.
In our experience, this software sometimes has difficulty in recognizing the connected hard drive. However, that drive can be normally accessed. If you also have the similar confusion, you may need an EZ GIG IV alternative.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Is the Best EZ GIG IV Alternative

As we all know, EZ GIG cloning software is mainly used to clone hard drives. Hence, what we need is the similar hard drive that can copy hard drive, especially the system drive, easily and quickly. Luckily, MiniTool Partition Wizard is such a disk cloning software that not only helps clone system disk, but also clone the rest drives.
Tip: MiniTool Partition Wizard provides two features for hard drive cloning. One is called “Copy Disk”, which is helpful in copying both system disk and data disk. The rest one is called “Migrate OS to SSD/HD”. Like its name implies, this feature is specially designed for system disk cloning.
How does this EZ GIG IV alternative work? We will show you using the “Migrate OS to SSD/HD” feature.
Download MiniTool Partition Wizard

At the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard, select Migrate OS to SSD/HD” from the tool bar. (Note that this feature only works with the current running operating system.)
Step 2. Select the way to copy the OS. Option A will copy the whole disk and Option B will copy the system related parititons only.
Step 3. Select a destination disk that should be large enough to save all data you selected.
Step 4. Choose the copy options or keep the default settings.
Note: you can choose either “Fit partitions to entire disk” or “Copy partition without resize” according to the capacity of the target drive. Align partitions to 1MB is helpful when the target disk is an SSD or advanced format drive. Use GUID Partition Table is a paid feature not supported in the free edition.
Step 5. Click Apply button on the top left corner to start the cloning process. A reboot is required since you are operating the system disk. Please do as prompted.
You might also be interested in how does MiniTool Partition Wizard work with its Copy Disk feature. This guide Best Apricorn EZ GIG IV Alternative that Helps Disk Cloning tells you more.
With the best EZ GIG cloning software alternative, you will have no difficulty in finishing every disk cloning task. Just try it out!


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