External Hard Drive Recovery

Thanks to MiniTool Power Data Recovery, now we have simple and quick solutions to recovering data from external hard drive.
External hard drives usually come with lower prices, large capacities and smaller sizes. Besides, they are portable drives that are easy to carry with. Due to these advantages, external hard drives today are widely used in all aspects of our life for data storage and backup.
Whereas, from time to time we are seeking for reliable ways to recover data from external hard drive if one of the following cases is true:
• We delete some files from the external hard drive before we realize that they are still useful.
• When trying to access the external hard drive, Windows says the external hard drive needs formatting, but formatting brings data loss.
• When trying to access the external hard drive, we receive “location is not available, access is denied” error.
• We can open the external hard drive, only to find that files not showing in external hard drive.
• More…

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Data recovery is full of challenges. But with a professional assistant, external hard drive recovery is not a tough job. MiniTool provides awesome hard drive data recovery service, namely, MiniTool Power Data Recovery to resolve kinds of data loss issues that can happen on our external hard drive. Simply put, this program offers five data recovery modules and each one focus on different data recovery situation:
1) Undelete Recovery: recovers deleted files & folder from Recycle Bin even it has been emptied.
2) Lost Partition Recovery: retrieves data from external hard drive that encounters partition loss by accidental deletion, diskpart clean command, or corrupted partition table.
3) Damaged Partition Recovery: works great when our external hard drive is formatted or access is denied on external hard drive.
4) Digital Media Recovery: recovers digital media files from USB flash drive, memory card, memory stick, etc.
5) CD/DVD Recovery: helps get lost files back from formatted and scratched discs.

In addition to the useful data recovery modules, MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows scanning specific file systems as well as file types to shorten the scanning process. What’s more, the Filter and Find feature helps us quickly navigate to the files we really want to recover. And, we can extract the scanning result and save it to a .rss file for future use, that’s quite user-friendly.
Operations for external hard drive recovery are simple and clear:
1) Connect our external hard drive to PC.
2) Select a recovery module of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
3) Full scan the external hard drive.
4) Select needed files and save them to a safe location.

How to Avoid Data Loss on External Hard Drive

Knowing how to recover data from external hard drive is not enough. If we know what causes data loss, we can make the prevention. Main reasons responsible for data loss are summarized as follows:
• Serious virus invasion.
• Accidental deletion or formatting.
• Critical file system structures loss or corruption.
• Critical partition table damage.
• Unexpected system shutdown or application failure.
• Unintentionally remove external hard drive while it is still processing.
• Sudden power surge or loss of power when it is still processing.
• Unknown reasons…
Any of the above situations is dangerous to the data stored on external hard drive. Considering that more potential users can meet this irritating error, MiniTool advises us to do the followings to avoid data loss.
• Take good care of our external hard drives and protect them from being damaged or destroyed.
• Kill virus regularly and be careful when connecting our external hard drive to stranger PCs. Besides, do not insert un-trusted USB drive to our PC in case that they carry scared virus.
• Remove hardware safely instead of forcibly taking off the external hard drive without informing Windows.
• Back up data in regular to prevent data loss. MiniTool rates it important to back up data often, or else we will have to find free hard drive recovery software or pay for costly hard drive data recovery service.
However, if data loss happens, carry out data rescue first. With the help of MiniTool, it is easy to recover data from external hard drive even we are not professional.


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