External Hard Drive not Showing up

Sometimes when connecting an external hard drive to Windows computer, the external hard drive not showing up issue appears. In fact, this is a very common issue that can happen to all Windows users. But if you know the reasons that lead to hard drive not showing up, you won’t get into panic.
In this post, we mainly introduce several situations that can lead to external hard drive not showing up as well as showing you the perfect solutions.

Common Causes & Solutions

External Hard Drive Is Not Initialized
If you are connecting a complete new hard drive to PC, probably the external hard drive not showing up issue is caused by disk not initialized. In this case, you can go to Windows Disk Management and view its state. If Windows asks you to initialize it, go ahead to finish it and then create new volume on the drive. By doing these two jobs, the external hard drive will appear in This PC.
External Hard Drive has No Drive Letter
If the partition on the external hard drive has no drive letter, obviously you cannot see it in This PC. It is necessary to knowwhy the partition has no drive letter. Normally, two reasons are responsible for this issue: the partition is not allocated with a drive letter and the partition is hidden by some software. But no matter which reason it is in your case, you can always rely on MiniTool Partition Wizard – the best free partition magic alternative.
If the external hard drive is not allocated with a drive letter, select the partition that has no drive letter and choose Change Drive Letter from the action panel. Then in the pop-up window, assign a drive letter to the partition and click OK. Finally, press Apply on the top left corner.
If the hard dirve is hidden by some reason, select the hidden drive partition and choose Unhide Partition instead.How do you know it is hidden or not? Well, only when the partition is in hidden state, the Unhide Partition featire is available.

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External Hard Drive Partitions Are Lost
Sometimes, external hard drive not showing up may be cause by partition loss. Browsing the forums we know partitions can get lost by wrong deletion, virus attack, power outage, corrupt partition table, operating system update, etc. If you find all partitions on your external hard drive are lost due to unknown reasons, you should stop making any further changes to the drive and seize the time to do partition recovery.
Here MiniTool Partition Wizard is also helpful. You can use the free edition to have a full scan and see whether it can find all lost partitions. If it is proved to be useful, you can then go head and purchase a license for lost partition recovery. View Best Partition Recovery Software for Windows 10/8.1/7 to get the detailed steps.
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