Extend volume Server 2003 Diskpart

How to Use Diskpart to Extend Volume in Server 2003

A. What is Diskpart?
Diskpart is the successor of Fdisk. It a command-line partition tool installed in Windows 2000 and the later versions. It is mainly designed to help Windows users to manage their disks and volumes. With this utility, users can create partition, delete partition, resize partition, change drive letter, convert basic disk to dynamic disk, and so on. But this tool limit users operation to a great degree. For example, by using disk part, you can easily convert FAT32 to NTFS; but you cannot revert the file system unless you format the partition to FAT32.
B. How to extend volume in Server 2003 using Diskpart?
Server 2003 is very popular among small and medium sized enterprises and is widely used today. So there are many topics about how to manage the disks and partitions in Server 2003, and extending partition in server 2003 is a hot one. If you want to extend server partition with Diskpart command, you should pay attention to the partition adjacent and after the target partition. Then confirm the size needed to extend.
You can do it like this:
1. Backup and delete the partition that is adjacent and after the target partition;
2. Run “diskpart.exe”;
3. Type “list volume”. This will show all the volumes existing on computer;
4. Type “select volume n” (n refers to the volume number);
5. Type “extend” or “extend size=n”;
6. Type “exit”;
C. Limitations of using Diskpart to extend volume in Server 2003
After that, you will see the target volume in Server 2003 is extended. However, if you are patient enough you will find that you can only include the unallocated/free space after the target partition. (unallocated space for primary partition and free space for logical partition) In addition, these space must be adjacent to the target space. What’s more, Diskpart can only extend partitions with NTFS file system. These are the limitations you have to bear by using Diskpart to extend partition.

Extend Volume with Partition Wizard Server Edition

As a popular partition manager, MiniTool Partition Wizard provides five editions for both home users and commercial users to manage their hard drives. And to extend partition, the Server Edition should be the first choice. It allow Server 2003 users to extend volume without data loss. And works on both Windows PC and Windows Server.
Here is the tutorial of how to extend server partition:
1. Run MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition. In the main interface click the target volume you want to extend and choose “Extend Partition“.
2. Choose which partition you want to take free space from and how much free space you want to include.
3. Click “Apply“.
See it is just a piece of cake for Partition Wizard Server Edition to extend Server partition. For your interest, you can download the Demo Version of MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition to try it out. Then you will find how convenient it is to extend volume in Server 2003.


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