Extend System Partition Windows 7

Extend volume Is Greyed out

While using Windows built-in Disk Management utility to extend system volume Windows 7, usually you will find the option “Extend Volume” is greyed out. Here we show you a picture to explain this:
You can see from this image that although there is a 9.38GB unallocated space in the same disk, you cannot use it to extend the system partition C: drive. How could this happen?
Well, this is because the unallocated space is not on the adjacent right side of the target partition. Beside, only when the target partition is in NTFS file system or RAW file system, the target partition can be extended. Moreover, sometimes you may find there is a free space on the disk. Free space is formed by deleting a logical partition and can only be used to extend logical partition.

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Due to the above reasons, you had better find a safe and flexible way to extend system partition Windows 7. In this post, we introduce a freeware named MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Partition Wizard is More Flexible to Increase Partition Size Windows 7

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a famous disk partitioning tool that helps numerous Windows users to overcome various issues. When it comes to extending system volume Windows 7, Partition Wizard puts forward two useful solutions no matter there is unallocated space or not, and regardless of the location of the unallocated space.
Here take the same situation in the first image to explain its flexibility.
Step 1: Please download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard to you computer, and then run this program.
Step 2: When you see all your disks connected to your PC, find the system disk by the partition attributes.
Step 3: Click on the system partition and choose “Extend Partition” feature from the operations menu.
Step 4: In the pop-out window, you can select where to take free space and how much free space you want.
Step 5: Press “Apply” to finish extending system partition Windows 7.
See! Without considering the location of the unallocated space, and whether there is unallocated space, you can easily increase partition size Windows 7. Next, we will tell the second way to expand system partition.
Step 1: Click on the partition you want to shrink some free space and choose “Move/Resize Partition“.
Step 2: Drag the slider to empty some free space.
Step 3: If the unallocated space you released is adjacent to the target partition, then use “Move/Resize Partition” again to occupy the unallocated space. If they are not adjacent, you should first of all move the adjacent space to the neighboring, or you can turn to “Extend Partition“.
Step 4: Press “Apply” to make these changes effective.

Bottom Line

OK now we have gone through the two flexible ways to extend system volume Windows 7 when “Extend Volume” of Windows Disk Management is greyed out. Next time when you need to do the similar operation, you can try MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition which works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.


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