Extend Server Partition Diskpart

Introduction to Microsoft Diskpart

Everyone knows that Diskpart is a command-line disk partition tool included in Windows 2000 and the later versions. It is a very useful tool for Windows users to manage their disks and partitions. With this utility, users can do many things like create partition, delete partition, resize partition, change drive letter, etc.

Extend Server Partition by Using Diskpart

Since diskpart offers so many command to manage disks and partitions, how can you use diskpart to extend a server partition? Before operate, there are something we need to keep in mind:
1. Diskpart can extend partitions with NTFS file system only;
2. Diskpart prohibits boot, system and page files volume to be extended;
3. Basic volume can’t be extended if there is no next continuous Unallocated space.
If the target partition you need to extend meets all the conditions, you can follow these steps:
1. Run “diskpart”;
2. Type “list volume”;
3. Type “select volume X”; (X refers to the volume number)
4. Type “extend”. (All unallocated space included)
You can also input “extend size=X(MB)”, which means you just take a part of the free space of the adjacent unallocated partition.

However, if you want to extend the system partition with unallocated space, or extend any partition without unallocated space, how can you achieve these goals? The limitations of extending server partition using command prompt have shut the door, you have to find another way out. Here we recommend a partition software called MiniTool Partition Wizard that can fulfill all your demands.

Extend Server Partition with Partition Wizard Server

As the mainstream product of partition tools, MiniTool Partition wizard Server Edition can help users to extend any partition in the same disk without data loss. Besides, it also offers the help to manage disks such as “Convert GPT Disk to MBR Disk“. This tool can be applied on Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, and Windows PC OS both 32 bit and 64 bit. Even though there is no unallocated space in the hard drive, it is still just a piece of cake for Partition Wizard Server to extend server partition. We will show you the details right now.
First of all, launch this application and choose a partition you want to extend. Then click the function “Extend Partition“.

Then, choose the partition you want to take free sopace from in the new window. You can also drag the retangle to determine how much free space you would like to take. Click “OK” to go on.

Finally, at the main interface, press “Apply” to confirm all operations.
This is the end of how to increase server partition by using diskpart and MiniTool Partition Wizard. We believe users have good sense of which one they really need. If you think this article is helpful, you can buy MiniTool Partition Wizard Server to try on your partitions.


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