Extend partition in Windows

During the course of using computer, numerous users must have come across the situation where system partition is out of space. In order to cope with the issue, some users transfer their significant but not commonly used data to other storage devices like DVD and clear temporary data so as to release more free space for new data. As a matter of fact, the two mentioned solutions can not eradicate low disk space issues. In such a case, what can users do to thoroughly tackle low disk space problems?

Some users think of using system built-in disk management tool and command prompt to extend partition in Windows, but the two have severe defects in functions, which are most likely to pose great risk to data residing in partition. At this time, users are expected to use partition magic to extend partition. Given that most users have limited knowledge of partition management and can not identify the performance of partition magic on software market easily, we highly suggest downloading professional partition magic from http://www.partitionmagic.biz so as to extend partition in Windows.

Professional partition magic for partition extension
With all-sided partition management functions, professional partition magic can be used to extend partition in Windows with ease. As a result, if users would like to resize partition in Windows with the help of professional partition magic, they are supposed to download the software via the downloading website and then install it on computer. When installation is done, run the software to enter its main interface:

Extend partition in Windows
In the main interface, users just need to choose corresponding functions according to actual needs. Since users want to extend partition in Windows, they should choose “Extend Partition” function. After clicking it, users will see the following interface:

Extend partition in Windows1
In the interface for the function to extend parttion in Windows, users need to select a partition or unallocated space to take free space and drag the sliding handle so as to decided how much free space they want to take. When the operation is done, click “OK” to go back to the main interface. At this time, users can preview effect of partition extension. If the effect is satisfying, users can click “Apply” to execute such changes. When all operations are performed, users are successful to extend partition in Windows with professional partition magic.

We have just briefly introduced the way to extend partition in Windows with professional partition magic. If users need more detailed information about partition extension, they can visit the downloading website of professional partition magic.


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