Expand System Reserved Partition for Upgrading to Windows 10

Message: ‘We couldn’t update the system reserved partition’

A few days ago, my friend Jimmy send me a message, saying that: “I am currently running win8.1 and trying to update to win10, but when I start to update I get a message that says ‘We couldn’t update the system reserved partition’. Any help?” After reading this message, I know this is due to the shortage space of Windows system reserved partition; and of course I told him what to do to solve this. But today, I decide to write a post showing the resolution for fear that more Windows users is suffering from this puzzle.
During the process of upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, users are likely to come across this message. This indicates the free space of the system reserved partition is not enough for the upgrading. So the solution for this error message is clear. Users need to extend the system reserved partition.

How to Expand System Reserved Partition for Upgrading to Windows 10

When it comes to how to extend system reserved partition to upgrade Windows 10, users typically have two choices. Use Disk Management or third-party-software. Both are helpful. Next we will give out the tutorials.
1. Use Disk Management.
Windows built-in Disk Management utility is of great help for average Windows users to manage their disks and partitions. To extend the system reserved partition, it requires that there is unallocated space continuous to the target partition, and the location should be in the right side. So if you happen to have an unallocated space behind the system reserved partition, you can simple right click the target partition and click on “Extend” to continue. If not, you had better head to the second solution.
2. Use MiniTool partition Wizard Free Edition.
The second method is more flexible. By using MiniTool partition Wizard Free Edition, you don’t need to care so much more about the specific location of the unallocated space. Generally speaking, you can move the unallocated space to the expected location by using “Move/Resize Partition“, or you can simply take some free space by using “Extend Partition” to increase partition for Windows 10 upgrading.
Note: If there is a partition with unrecognized Other file system between the system reserved partition and the partition you are taking space from, you should deleted the it or you can never finish the extending. Make sure this partition can be deleted without any bad effect.
This is the end of how to solve ‘We couldn’t update the system reserved partition’ to continue Windows 10 upgrading. Download this freeware.


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