Dynamic Disk Is Invalid

Dynamic Disk Is Invalid!

Disk Management is a place where all information of the hard drives that are connected to your computer is displayed. When you enter into Disk Management in Windows, you can check the states of these devices are in normal condition or not.
Abnormal conditions are always displayed in the left side with different color and error information, such as bad disk, disk unknown not initialized. For dynamic disk, dynamic disk invalid issue is very common, just like the following screenshot shows:
When you see this error message, you should know this means the dynamic disk is in “invalid” status and you are not allowed to access the data on this hard drive. Thus, how to fix this error is rather important if there is important data on that dynamic disk.

Why Dynamic Disk Is Invalid?

Before explaining how to repair invalid dynamic disk, first of all let’s see why it appears. Generally speaking, two reasons will lead to dynamic disk invalid: OS doesn’t support dynamic disk & dynamic disk information not recorded.
OS doesn’t support dynamic disk is the main cause for this error and happens often. For example, if you transfer a dynamic disk to Windows XP Home Edition, it will appear in the invalid state, because Windows XP Home Edition not support dynamic disk. In fact, all Microsoft Home Editions of operating systems don’t support dynamic disks, so does the OS before Windows 2000. Read this post to learn the details.
Dynamic disk information isn’t recorded means that a part of dynamic disk information is stored in the registry. When a dynamic disk is moved to another computer, the system registry lacks the record for dynamic disk information. So unless you import the dynamic disk information to the system registry, otherwise you will come across the dynamic disk is invalid issue.
Knowing the reasons, how do to repair invalid dynamic disk issue?

Fix Dynamic Disk Invalid Issue

As the whole dynamic disk is shown as unallocated space, thus the most important thing is to rescue the data in the hard drive before you carrying out any operations, for fear that any wrong operation will lead to data loss. So first of all, download MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free edition and install it on computer. Then use Lost Partition Recovery module to scan the hard drive and save data to safe location. For more detailed information, you can refer to Lost Partition Recovery.
Then you need to convert this invalid dynamic disk to basic disk. Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition, then install it to your computer. When you launch it to the main interface, you just click on the dynamic disk and choose “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic“. Finally, click “Apply” to convert invalid dynamic disk to basic. In this way the hard drive will be recognized by the Home Editions.
This is the end of “dynamic disk is invalid” issue, after reading this post, you should know why you encounter this message and how you can repair invalid dynamic disk. If you think the method mentioned here is worth of trying, you can download the two freeware to have a try.
Download MiniTool Partition Wizard
Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery


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