Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 10

Although it’s been a while since Microsoft released Windows 10, this newest operating system is still unsuspended to numbers of Windows users. There are reports indicating that Windows 10 is not as perfect as Microsoft declared. And also for that reason, many users want to create dual boot system to get familiar with Windows 10 based on using Windows 7. In such a case, how to enable dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 10 is users’ concern.
The answer is quite easy to grasp. We should create another partition in Windows 7 to install Windows 10. So first of all, let’s see how to create a new partition in Windows 7.

Create a New Partition in Windows 7

Creating a new partition in Windows 7 can be realized by two ways, i.e. using Windows built-in Disk Management tool and third-party software. Although both ways help users to create new partitions, third-party software is more flexible than Disk Management tool.
For example, if there is no unallocated space in your hard drive, you will have to shrink a volume for some unallocated space first before you can create a new partition by using Disk Management.

However, with third-party software such as MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can easily create a new partition by using the “Split” feature. This program offers a more intuitive interface for users to execute any operation. To create a new partition without unallocated space, you just need to right click a partition that has enough free space and then choose “Split“. In addition, you can customize the partition size by sliding the bar or filling in the specific number.
It can be seen from the pictures above that MiniTool Partition Wizard offers a shortcut for users to create a new partition to install Windows 10. After you have created a new partition, you can install Windows 10 to that partition.

How to Create Dual Boot System

Now you have created a new partition to install Windows 10. Considering there are users not knowing how to install an operating system, here are some tips on how to install Windows 10 and how to enable dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 10 successfully.

1. Make sure that your computer can run Windows 10.
2. Download Windows 10 ISO image from Microsoft’s official site and burn it into a USB flash drive.
3. Insert the USB flash drive to your computer. After that, set your computer to boot from the USB flash drive in BIOS.
4. Restart your computer and begin setup.
5. Choose to install Windows 10 on the new partition you have created.
6. Activate your copy of Windows 10.
7. Personalize your Windows 10.
8. Click “Computer” > “Properties” > “Advanced System Settings” > “Startup and Recovery Settings” > tick “Time to display list of operating systems” and set a time constraint. Thus, you can easily switch your operating system from Windows 10 and Windows 7 before entering into an operating system.
At this time, you have enabled dual boot Windows 10 and Windows 7. If you think this article is helpful and want to install Windows 10 on Windows 7, you can follow these guidance to have a try.
Note: Here is a principle for all users who want to create dual-boot system. To be specific, you should install the older system first and then install the newer OS. This is because the older version of Windows cannot recognize the boot files of the newer OS and will overwrite them, leading to the newer OS unbootable.


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