Disk Copy VS Disk Image

Disk Copy VS Disk Image

Disk copy is a way to make an exact same copy of the original hard drive, and this copy can be used directly. However, disk image is more like creating s large .zip file, with all data compressed in it. Disk image cannot be used directly, unless you make a restore.
So what are their differences?
According to what we have said from the start, we can draw the following conclusion:
Advantages of disk copy:
Disk copy requires more disk space than disk image;
Disk copy can be used as soon as it is finished;
Advantages of disk image:
Disk image needs less disk space since it is a compression process, thus you can save as many images as the drive can hold.
When should they be employed?
If you are going to upgrade hard drive, it is good to choose disk copy, for it is easy to carry out. But if you just want to make a backup, as you are continually writing and altering data on the hard drive, thus a frequent backup is better. At this time, you had better choose disk image.

How Can You Make a Disk Copy

According to a survey, more Windows users choose disk management software to do disk copy instead of using backup software to do disk image. The reason? If you have an experience of using disk management software, you should know that such kind of software offers more practical features than backup software, such as convert file system, manage dynamic disk, etc. Meanwhile, disk management software provides users Copy Disk feature at the same time.
So, do we have a good disk copy software? Yes we do have one. MiniTool Partition Wizard is such a freeware that is good enough to help you make disk copy, and this freeware can be used in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Let’s how this freeware works on disk copy:
Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, click the source disk to copy and select “Copy Disk“.
Step 2: Now select the target hard drive. Please note that all data on the destination disk will be cleaned.
Step 3: Here you should choose a copy option. Note if the target drive is an SSD or has been performed advanced format, it is better to tick the last option altogether.
Step 4: Partition Wizard will tell you how to boot from the destination hard drive. So if the source disk contains OS, you should pay attention.
Step 5: Now all preparatory jobs are done, press “Apply” to perform the copy.
Download Freeware


After reading this article, you must have had a general understanding on disk copy VS. disk image, and how to carry out disk copy. So the next time when you need to make a backup or upgrade hard drive, use MiniTool.


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