Deleted Data Recovery

Deleted Data Recovery Is Necessary for Users

Almost all users have come across the situation of data loss. This may caused by several reasons like disk crash, virus infection and accidental deletion. Accidental deletion is the most common reason among them. Of course, as for the missing data, some may be not so important to users, so they might not think about recovering data. However, some data loss may cause unnecessary trouble for users. At this time, they may want to perform deleted data recovery, but don’t have a suitable tool. What’s more, data deleted by “Shift + Delete” can’t be directly recovered in computer without the help of the third tool.

Powerful Data Recovery Software – Power Data Recovery

In order to perform deleted data recovery successfully, we’d like to recommend users our Power Data Recovery. It’s powerful data recovery software. “Undelete Recovery” module of it can help users recover data simply. The main function of the module is to recover deleted files and folders. This module supports FAT and NTFS system data recovery. It supports many storage devices, such as hard drive, USB flash drive and memory card. Users can not only recover data deleted from the recycle bin, but also recover data deleted by “Shift + Delete”.

Recovering Data with Power Data Recovery

1. To perform undeleted data recovery successfully, users need to run this powerful data recovery software – Power Data Recovery and select “Undelete Recovery”. Then they can click “Recover” after choosing a drive from which users would like to recover data.
2. Tick files from “Recovered Files” and click “Save Files”.
Note: Power Data Recovery Free Edition can recover no more than 1 GB data. If users want to recover more data, they can select other advanced editions.
3. Choose another hard drive to save files (to avoid data to be overwritten) and then click “OK”.
4. Click “OK” to finish operations after the selected files are successfully saved to another drive.
In addition to carrying out undeleted data recovery introduced above, Power Data Recovery has other four powerful functions, namely “Damaged Partition Recovery”, “Lost Partition Recovery”, “Digital Media Recovery” and “CD/DVD Recovery”. Users can also recover data with these four functions according to different situations.


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