Data Destroy Solution

When You Need to Destroy Data?

At the first sight of this topic, some of you may wonder why do I need to destroy data? The answer is quite simple in fact – to prevent private data from leaking out. In the following situations, you may need to consider a data destroy solution:
You are going to sell your computer or a hard drive; or there is something wrong with your computer or hard disk and you just want to throw it away. However, you know you have personal data on the drive and they can be recovered if you only delete the data without doing other operations to overwrite them. In this case, with the help of professional data recovery software, your delete data can be recovered with ease.
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Which Program Is Reliable Data Destroy Solution?

As we have said in the beginning, destroy data on PC is a way to protect private data from leaking out, thus a reliable data destroy solution is urgently needed. Here we would like to recommend users a piece of free data destroy software which is called MiniTool Partition Wizard. This tool can be divided into five editions, for server and non-server users. It is worth mentioning that the free edition is competent to wipe hard drive, and can be applied on Windows XP/Vista7/8/10.
Next we will show you how to used this program to destroy data on PC.
Use Windows 10 for example:
Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard to its main interface and you can see all your hard drives connected to this PC. Then click on the hard drive you want to wipe and select “Wipe Disk” from the Operations menu. (in our case, we want to wipe disk 2)
Step 2: A new window comes out there you can choose a wiping method. Note there are five wiping methods, each requires unequal time and feedbacks different security level. Then press “OK” to go back to the main interface.
Step 3: In the main window, click “Apply” to execute your changes and wait until it finishes the operation.

Suggestion before Using Data Eraser

Ok now you have got a great data eraser and it is easy to carry out, and is free. But we have a useful suggestion for you – backup data before destroy data on PC. This should be useful when you just want to keep data on the throwing hard drive to another location.
You only need to do these:
Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, right click on the hard drive to be wiped and select the “Copy” option.
Step 2: Select a target disk to hold all the data on the source disk. Note the target drive should be large enough to contain all the data on the source disk and data on the target drive itself will be erased
Step 3: Choose a copy option, and finish the preparatory job.
Step 4: Apply changes.
For more detailed steps, just visit:


In this post we have explained why to wipe a hard drive and which program is reliable data eraser. And, we also tells how to make a backup before you destroy data on hard drive. All these can be finished with free MiniTool Partition Wizard. If you are going to do exactly the same thing, you can download it to help you out.


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