Converting NTFS to FAT

FAT is outdated compared to NTFS and has almost been taken place by high-performance NTFS now. As we all know, the new NTFS has more advantages than FAT, such as storing the large and simple file whose capacity is over 4GB. But in some cases, users had better employ FAT not NTFS. For example, the file capacity isn’t over 4GB or users employ the DOS operating system, because NTFS partition can’t be accessed directly from DOS.
So, converting NTFS to FAT is necessary when users come across the above cases and their file system is NTFS. However, achieving file system conversion without losing data is not so easy, especially for the inexperienced users. If users want to convert NTFS to FAT safely, they must back up data before executing the operation, but many users always don’t get used to doing this. With regard to this, we’d like to recommend a partition manager called MiniTool Partition Manager to help users achieve this.
The steps of converting NTFS to FAT with the partition manager are as follows:
1. Run the MiniTool Partition Manager and click the partition on which file system conversion will be performed. Users can also convert NTFS to FAT by firstly right clicking the target partition. Let’s take partition G : for instance.
2. Click “Partition” from the menu bar and users can see the pull-down list as shown above.
3. Select “Convert NTFS to FAT” from the pull-down list and click “Apply” to get the following interface.
4. Choose “Yes” to apply changes.
5. Click “OK” to achieve the final step of converting NTFS to FAT.
6. Now, users can easily see partition G: has been converted to FAT from NTFS in the above image.
Based on the above content, users may be eager to try making use of this safe and simple partition manager, namely MiniTool Partition Manager to convert NTFS to FAT on their own. So, we are glad to recommend its purchase center to users.


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