Convert to Basic Disk Greyed out

Why Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk

In Windows operating system, there are two types of disk, i.e. basic disk and dynamic disk. Basic disk is most commonly used in our daily life. Different from basic disk, dynamic disk offers more flexible disk management style. Unlimited number of volumes can be created on a dynamic disk, and a specific volume can be extended by using the unallocated space on other disks. Considering the advantages of dynamic disk, many users turned their disks to dynamic disk in Disk Management.
However, after using dynamic disk for a period of time, some users want to convert the dynamic disk back to basic disk. Only at this time they find that the option “Convert to basic disk” is greyed out. By searching on the internet they know converting the basic disk to dynamic disk is very easy and simple, but convert dynamic disk to basic disk isn’t easy, because this requires deleting all volumes on dynamic disk in Disk Management. So, what if you met the same problem and you do not want to lose all data in the volumes? Please read on.

How to Deal with “Convert to Basic Disk Greyed out”

Clearly “Convert to Basic Disk” is not the only feature that turns grey in Disk Management, there are too many…and when you meet one, you may not know what you can do to continue. Therefore, how to convert the dynamic disk to basic disk without deleting a volume? We highly recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional edition to help all dynamic users to manage their disks, no matter they want to change back to basic disk or just carrying out basic management, this tool won’t let you down. Ok first of all, you need to purchase one and install it on computer.
Step1. Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional. Right-click on the dynamic disk you want to convert and choose “Convert Dynamic to Basic Disk” at the pop-out menu.

Step2. Here, it seems that you have already converted your dynamic disk to basic disk. In fact this is just a preview. To confirm this operation, click “Apply” at the top left corner. If you are operating the system disk, Partition Wizard requires a reboot.
MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional has many other powerful functions for managing disk.
Besides dynamic disk conversion, it also support to merge adjacent partitions into a bigger, to align partitions, to convert MBR disk to GPT, etc..
What’s more, no matter what Windows PC operating system your computer is running, Partition Wizard Professional is always the first choice because it supports almost all the Windows OS including Windows XP/Vista7/8/10.
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