Convert Simple Volumes to Primary Partitions

While many Windows users are using basic disks for system running and data storage, some users chase for using the more complex dynamic disk because of the many advantages of dynamic disks, such as fault tolerant, extending volume without limitation, and so on. Despite the many advantages of a dynamic disk, some users convert their hard drives to dynamic disks my mistake, and all partitions become primary partitions. As some of them are unfamiliar with the management of dynamic disk, they are eager to find a way to convert simple volumes to primary partitions. In this post, we will introduce the best way to do it without damaging data.

How to Change Simple Volume to Primary Partition Safely

Usually, no matter you want to convert a hard drive from dynamic to basic, or from MBR to GPT, the first concern is how to keep your data safe. Here we strongly recommend using MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro. This is a professional disk partition management utility that can deal with all kinds of dynamic disk issues, such as move/resize volume, copy volume, check file system, change volume cluster size, convert dynamic disk to basic, etc. Most important of all, it can convert dynamic disk to basic disk without deleting any partition, which is a deficiency in Windows Disk Management utility.
We will see how this software work towards converting dynamic disk to basic disk. First of all, you need to buy a personal license to active this program. Or you can download the Trial Edition for an experience. Then follow the guidance below to do it by yourself.
Step 1. Install and launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro. In the disk map area, find the dynamic disk you want to convert by viewing the legend.
convert simple volumes to primary partitions-1
Step 2. Select the dynamic disk you need to convert, and then choose Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic from the action panel. Or you can right-click the dynamic disk icon and choose Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk from the context menu.
convert simple volumes to primary partitions-2
Step 3. See what will happen to this dynamic disk. In our example, we are converting disk 3 and now its color changed from green to blue. And we can also see that in the operations pending area, 6 pending operating are listed so that we know what exactly MiniTool Partition Wizard will do to disk 3. But this is just a preview. Finally, click Apply to convert simple volumes to primary partitions.
Tip: MiniTool Partition Wizard requires a reboot to finish the conversion if you are dealing with a system disk.
convert simple volumes to primary partitions-3
This is the end of how to convert simple volumes to primary partitions safely using MiniTool Partition Wizard. If you happen to convert basic disk to dynamic disk, you may just have a try on this professional dynamic disk converter.


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