Convert Primary to Logical Partition

Why convert primary partition to logical partition

Primary partition and logical partition are two partition types. Why should we convert a primary partition to logical partition? Before answering this question, we would like to begin with what’s the difference between primary partition and logical partition.
Primary partition: A primary partition can be used to install system, but only one primary partition can be set as active at one time. The boot files and data are stored in the primary partition. For MBR disk, there are 4 primary partitions or 3 primary partitions plus 1 extended partition. A extended partition can be further divided into more logical partitions. For GPT disk, up to 128 primary partitions can be created under Windows.
Logical partition: Logical partition is similar with primary partition, except that you cannot install system on it. Logical partitions are usually used to save data.
Their differences: A primary is divided directly from hard disk while logical partition must be created on extended partition. Each primary partition has its own boot block while logical partition does not contain; each primary partition can be set as start area by using “fdisk” while logical partition cannot.
Why convert: If you want to create a fifth partition on a disk which already has four primary partitions, you need to convert a primary partition to logical. MiniTool Partition Wizard helps the conversion between logical partition and primary partition.

How to Convert Primary Partition to Logical

Here is the tutorial of how to make a logical partition.
Step1. Right-click the primary partition which you want to convert and then choose “Set Partition as Logical”. You can find this feature at two locations, the left pane or the pop-up window after right clicking the target partition.
Step2. Click “Apply” on the toolbar to confirm the operation.

• Convert primary partition to logical is mainly used on basic MBR disk.
• It is not allowed to convert a boot partition to logical. Or you computer will be unbootable.
Besides converting primary partition to logical one, you can also set logical partition as primary partition. The operations for converting logical partition to primary are the same as converting primary partition to logical partition. If you have the needs of these conversions, just follow the guides in this article to user the freeware to help you.


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