Convert Flash Drive to NTFS

NTFS is an Advanced File System than FAT

NTFS – with more advanced features in performance, security, and reliability, is gaining popularity than FAT. NTFS improved its support for metadata and the employed advanced data structures to improve its performance, reliability, disk space utilization, access control lists as well as file system journaling. Thus, more and more computer users would like to convert FAT (FAT12/FAT16/FAT32) to NTFS file system.

How to Convert Flash Drive from FAT32 to NTFS

Solution One: Use cmd.
To find out more about using cmd.exe to convert file system, follow these steps:
1. Click Run under Start menu, type cmd, and then press ENTER.
2. In the command window, type: convert [drive letter:] /fs:ntfs.
Note: Once you convert FAT to NTFS, you cannot convert it back to FAT by simple using cmd.exe again. You will have to reformat the drive to choose file system FAT32..
Solution Two: Use Partition Wizard for this conversion.
An easier and safer solution to convert flash drive to NTFS should be using partition software, and MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition can fully meet this requirement and helps users to convert flash drive from FAT to NTFS without data loss.
Download Windows Version
1. Select the flash drive that you want to convert file system to NTFS.

2. Right click the partition and select “Convert FAT to NTFS“.
3. The pop-up dialog box will show the current and destination file system, click “Start” to continue.

4. After a while. The flash drive will be converted from FAT32 to NTFS. Click “Finish” to exit.

Apart from converting flash drive to NTFS, MiniTool Partition Wizard also allows users to convert NTFS to FAT32, copy partition, convert MBR to GPT, explore partition, etc.


No matter whether you convert file system using cmd.exe or MiniTool Partition Wizard, it is always a good idea to back up your data before you operate convert. This is the best way to keep data safe.


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