Convert dynamic disk to basic with partition magic

Disk has two using forms: dynamic disk and basic disk. For ordinary computer users, basic disk is common because most of the users are using basic disk. Only on most servers is dynamic disk used. Since servers need to store multitudinous data files, several hard drives are used to realize data information storage in order to guarantee data information integrity. And dynamic disk is the best using form of server disk to facilitate data file management because we can create super-large spanned volume in dynamic disk and it is not limited by single disk space, realizing storing more data. In addition, using dynamic disk to store data files is able to improve data information security and enhance data file protection.

Seeing the above description, many ordinary users would like to convert basic disk into dynamic disk. Actually, it is not necessary because there is only a hard disk in most users’ computer and the superiority of dynamic disk can not be shown. Instead, it may increase difficulties in managing disk. However, once basic disk is converted to dynamic disk, it is hard to convert dynamic disk to basic disk again, for only if there is no volume in dynamic disk can we use system’s built-in disk management tool to convert dynamic disk to basic disk. But deleting volumes in dynamic disk will lead a lot of files to be lost and we can not delete system partition. At this time, we need to convert dynamic disk to basic with partition magic, for partition magic has the ability to convert dynamic disk to basic disk without damaging partition data. Then we’ll show the detailed operation demonstration.

Covert dynamic disk to basic disk with partition magic
Before the conversion, please visit to download the partition magic. Then launch the partition magic after installing it.

After launching the partition magic, select the dynamic disk that will be converted and then click “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic” in the “Operations” area, realizing converting dynamic disk to basic disk.

We can see from the main interface that disk state has changed. However, we need to click “Apply” to perform the above operation. Then a prompt window will pop up.

Click “Restart Now” and the computer will be restarted. And in the process, conversion will be finished.

Through so simple operations, we have converted dynamic disk to basic with partition magic. Besides this function, the partition magic is also equipped with other partition and dynamic volume management functions. If you want to get detailed information, please view other contents of this web.


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