Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk

About Dynamic Disk and Basic Disk

Dynamic disk and basic disks are two types of hard disk configurations in Windows that were first emerged in Windows 2000, and from then on they are added to the Windows system administrator tools. Most personal computers are configured as basic disks, which are very simple to manage. No matter you are using a basic disk or a dynamic disk, you can adopt any file system, including FAT and NTFS. In Windows Disk Management, you can change a basic disk to a dynamic disk. However, you should know that this operation is irreversible, unless you recreate the volume, or use some tools such as MiniTool Partition Wizard.
The biggest difference between basic disk and dynamic disk is that they support different operating systems. All versions of Windows OS or even DOS support basic disks. But things are different to dynamic disks. Only the latter versions of Window 2000 (included) and various versions of Server systems support dynamic disks.

Why Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk

Since dynamic disk has more advantages than basic disks, why there are many users planning to convert dynamic disk to basic disk?
Firstly, we can install operating system on dynamic disk. That is to say, operating systems cannot run normally on a dynamic disk. Secondly, quite a number of software fails to be recognized by dynamic disk, such as VMware, ghost, etc.. Thirdly, dynamic disk is not as stable as basic disk. There are many accidents happen. For example, sometimes a dynamic disk becomes invalid and unreadable, sometimes it is shown as an external hard drive.
Therefore, it is understandable to change dynamic drive to basic.

How to Safely Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk

As mentioned above, it is necessary to change dynamic disk to basic disk for due to some reasons, however, do you know how can you change a dynamic disk to basic disk easily and safely? Will you all the data in dynamic disk? Then we will discuss how to convert dynamic disk to basic disk safely.
The operations of converting a dynamic disk to basic disk are rather easy by using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Before starting to convert, users need to know the this software can only help convert the simple volume and mirrored volume.
Since the free edition does not support manage dynamic disk, here we recommend to use the MiniTool Partition Wizard professional edition. The following are the tutorials.
1.Right click the dynamic disk which needs to be converted to basic disk from the right pane.
2.Choose “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk” function.
3.Click “OK” in the pop-up prompt window to continue.
4.Click “Apply” in the upper left corner to confirm the pending operations.
This is the end of how to change dynamic disk to basic disk. If you think this software is helpful, you can have a try.


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