Combine Two Partitions

Necessity of Combining Two Partitions

Why combine two partitions? Sometimes we suddenly think we are managing too many partitions which seems fussy. Or we just want to make full use of the rest free space on these partitions. Or we think these content in the partitions are closely relative and can be stored into one partition. Or we just want to do that instead of stating a specific reason.

Merge Two Partitions in Disk Management

Disk management always brings us surprise and disappointment. And this time, disappointment wins. Why? Because if we want to combine two partitions into a bigger one in Disk Management, we need to delete the later one to make it an unallocated space or free space (depending on the former partition is primary or logical). Besides, these two partitions must be adjacent. Which means to keep your important data safe, a backup of the later partition is needed. This seems reliable, but is too troublesome.
So we have put forwarded a more flexible way to do this. And we just need a professional program called MiniTool Partition Wizard. It will help you to deal with this issue without deleting a partition.

Combine Partitions with Partition Management Software

As the latest partition magic for Windows OS, MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 9.1 is an all-in-one partition manager and has helped millions of Windows users to deal with disk management, including basic disks and dynamic disks. This program is also compatible with Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10 (both 32 and 64 bit). Then we will show you the process of joining two partitions by using Partition Wizard.
In my case, I want to combine partition E: with G:, then I just need to do the followings:
Step1: Launch Partition Wizard Pro Edition. Right click on E drive and select “Merge Partitions“.
Step 2: In the pop up window, select E drive in the partition layout, this means that the partition I finally get is partition E. Then click “Next” to go on.
Step 3: Then I just choose partition G as the partition to be included. Then click “Finish” to go back to the main interface.
• Partition Wizard can only merge two adjacent partition, so unallocated space is not included. If you want to include unallocated space, use “Extend Partition” instead.
• Partition Wizard could not merge system reserved partition, because this will cause your computer unbootable.
Step 4: Click “Apply” to confirm the changes.
Buy this Partition Wizard to experience the magic function and break the limitation of Disk Management.


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