Cloned Hard Drive Won’t Boot

We found that many users are still confused and wonder why their cloned hard drive won’t boot. In fact, there are several reasons that can be responsible for this issue. For example, you cloned a Windows 10 from an MBR disk, and your computer boot mode is set to UEFI. And, if the system partition is not set as active partition, the cloned SSD/hard drive won’t boot. In addition, unmatched master boot record, as well as incompatible drivers, will lead to this issue. Taking all these into consideration, we are to put forward several solutions.

How to Fix Cloned Hard Drive won’t Boot

If your computer boot mode is set to UEFI, you will need to convert the cloned system disk to GPT before you can boot Windows 10. Here we recommend using the software which helps the clone to do the job. For more information, you can consult the customer service.
How do you know if the system partition/system reserved partition is not set as an active partition (read more: Should System Partition Be Active Partition for Normal Boot)? You can use a Windows installation disk to help you get into the WinPE environment, and set the correct partition active.
If it is the incompatible driver that leads to this error, here we strongly suggest using MiniTool ShadowMaker to carry out Universal Restore.
If is the MBR leading to cloned SSD/hard drive won’t boot, you need to get into Windows installation interface and then choose Repair this PC and enter Command Prompt.
Here are a few command lines you need to run:
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd

Tip: if you do not have a Windows installation disk, you can ask MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro – which offers the way to create a bootable partition manager for help.
Now you can have a try rebooting your PC and check if Windows operating system can boot normally.
Above are the common ways to fix cloned SSD/HDD not booting. But if all of them are not helpful, we have the last yet best suggestion. As you know, MiniTool Partition Wizard is a professional disk partition manager that can better configure your hard drives. Hence, to overcome cloned hard drive won’t boot issue, why not have a try on using this utility to help you?
Tip: download the free edition to clone Windows from MBR to MBR and GPT to GPT. To clone Windows from MBR to GPT, get the Pro edition.

Simple instructions here:
Connect the target HDD/SSD to your PC.
Select the system disk you want to clone and choose “Copy Disk”.
Select the target HDD/SSD as the destination drive.
Accept or customize the copy options.
Apply the change.
For the detailed guidance, read the help document for Copy Disk.
That’s all for the suggestions to cloned HDD/SSD won’t boot. Try these solutions out!


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