Clone Hard drive Windows 7

Why Clone Hard Drive Windows 7?

In many cases, you need to clone hard drive in Windows 7, and the reasons can be:
• The hard drive is running out of disk space, and a larger hard disk drive is required;
• Hard disk drive cannot meet your needs to run Windows or a specific game, so a more advanced disk is needed urgently, such as SSD;
• There are bad sectors on the hard drive and data rescue is necessary;
• Only for data backup.
If you are among the ones who is troubled by these issues, you must be wondering: how can I clone a hard drive windows 7? Don’t worry, next we are going to explain the operations.

How to Clone a Hard Drive Windows 7?

The way to clone a hard drive windows 7 depends on whether you are cloning the system disk. If YES, to ensure that the cloned system is still bootable, you should use professional disk cloning software. Here MiniTool Partition Wizard is recommended because its free edition is competent to do this job. You just need to download this freeware to your local disk and get to the main interface.
1. click the source disk to be cloned and choose “Copy Disk”.
2. select a disk as the destination location. Note that this drive will be wiped so be sure that all data can be cleaned.
3. choose a copy option depending on the actual storage space and your own needs.
4. read the information about how to boot from the destination disk. And finally click “Apply” to execute clone hard drive windows 7.
For a more intuitive guidance, you can watch this video.
However, if the hard drive you are going to clone does not contain any system, you have two more options, and they are: copy & paste, and copy partition. However, in our opinion, copy disk is the best choice, no matter there is system or not, for Partition Wizard performs sector-by-sector copy.


In a word, Windows 7 clone hard drive is very easy if you have MiniTool Partition Wizard at hand. If you are interested in this freeware, you can download it from the official website. Try it out now!


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