Clone Hard Drive Windows 10

We believe you are keeping saving more and more files to your computer and your computer is running slowly as time goes by. In this case, you can upgrade your hard drive to a larger one or you can transfer Windows operating system to an SSD for faster running speed. But do you know how to clone hard drive to the new drive? In this post, we show you the details.
Take the widely used Windows 10 for example.
To clone hard drive Windows 10, you need the help of professional disk partition manager if the disk you want to clone has an operating system. Through disk cloning, you get an exact same copy and all data are kept on the same sector, making it possible to boot from the new drive. Here we would like to suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard Free. It is a well-known partition manager all round the world and enjoys high reputation. Besides, it can lead you through all steps without difficulty no matter what operation you want to do. Download this free hard drive cloning software and get ready.

Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free


How to Clone Windows 10 to SSD – Detailed Guide

Before you do, make sure the SSD is successfully connected to your PC and can be overwritten.
Step 1. After launching this best hard drive cloning software, you will see all your drives connected to this computer in the disk map area. Now select the disk you want to clone and choose “Copy Disk” from the left action panel.
clone hard drive Windows 10-1
Step 2. Then you need to select the SSD you prepared as the target disk and continue.
clone hard drive Windows 10-2
Step 3. Confirm the copy option and adjust each partition size before you click “Next”. We also recommend keeping “Align partiitons to 1MB” selected as your target disk is an SSD. Pleae note that “Use GUID Partition Table for the target disk” is a paid feature not supported in the free edition. Click “Next” and go on.
clone hard drive Windows 10-3
Step 4. Read the message in the next page and click “Finish”.
clone hard drive Windows 10-4
Step 5. Finally, click “Apply” on the top left corner to put all these changes into effect.
clone hard drive Windows 10-5
Now you can wait until MiniTool Partition Wizard finishes its job. If you are cloning the system disk or there are some running programs, MiniTool Partition Wizard requires a reboot. Please do as you are asked.


Reading here, you know how to clone hard drive Windows 10. With this free hard drive cloning software, all things are getting easier. Don’t hesitate to get one and have a try when necessary.


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