Clone Disk to New Hard Drive

When need to Clone Disk to New Drive

Disk clone is a very useful feature in transferring data from one hard drive to another. For example, if you buy a hard drive with larger capacity to replace your original one. Or for fear of data loss, you just want to clone the whole disk to another one for data backup. However, do you know that disk clone has another amazing usage, that is to install many computers with the same configurations. This happens often in enterprises, because they are most likely to purchase dozens of same computers. Disk copy is different from the simplest copy and paste, it will move all information on the original disk to the new one, thus grantee the consistency. If you clone a system hard drive, you will surprisingly find that the computer with target disk is bootable. Having said so much about disk clone, is there any disk clone software to solve this problem easily?

Freeware for Disk Copy

Here is the best solution – MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition, an easy-to-use freeware, helps you to clone disk without data loss. It will make an identical copy of your original disk, which includes the operating system if there is, personal configurations, the applications, and data stored in the original disk. Moreover, it offers sector-by-sector copy to ensure the consistency at the largest extent. Please follow the guidance below to do the disk copy.
Step 1: Run MiniTool partition Wizard, on the main interface, click the source disk and then choose “Copy“. Or you can simply click “Copy Disk Wizard“.
Step 2: Choose the destination disk and click “Next“.
Step 3: After that, review the changes and click “Next“.
Step 4: Remember to click “Apply” to make the changes effective.
See how convenient to clone disk to new hard drive by using this freeware? With such an excellent tool, you can avoid reinstalling the operating system and get a same copy with the source disk. Why don’t you download it to help you back up data?
Make sure the target disk is initialized as the same disk style with the original disk.
All data on target hard drive will be cleaned after you have committed the operations.
The target disk must be equal or larger than the used space in original hard drive.


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