Choose Storage Space Server

In this day and age, Windows Server OS is an indispensable part for business users. Thus, server storage space plays an important role. But do you know how to choose server storage space? This post will tell you something related.

Part 1: Server Storage Space Should Be Somewhat Different

The first point we need to stress is that hard drives used for server should be somewhat different. For average home users, hard drives are expected to have a rest after hours of work, and this requirement can be satisfied at most time. For average users, they use personal computers only when they are at home for entertainment, or for work overtime. They would go outside or go to sleep after a short period of time. Thus, ordinary hard drives can satisfy their needs.
However, server storage space should be different, for server users will toss about their hard drives all day, every day. Thus, server storage space is expected to run 24 hours * 365 days. This is what matters. Due to this factor, hard drive venders have developed series of drives to be used for Windows Server. By searching on the main E-commerce sites, you can find the most suitable drives to purchase.

Part 2: How about Using Cloud Storage

Maybe some of you want to ask: why not using Cloud storage? It’s more reliable than local drives and upgrading the Cloud storage space is easier. Indeed, by storing files to the Cloud storage space, you don’t need to struggle on picking server hard drives and you don’t need to worry about how to partition server hard drive as well as to be anxious about recovering server hard drives due to some reasons. However, you should be aware that uploading files to server consumes a lot of time and expects much on the broadband speed. Besides, Cloud storage is excluded by high-end users who has extremely high requirement on data safety. In a word, local storage for server is relatively more popular than Cloud storage.

Part 3: Learn to Manage Server Hard Drives

Since server hard drives is much preferred when choosing storage space or server, here we would like to recommend a server partition manager-MiniTool Partition Wizard Server to all server users, to help deal with all kinds of logical hard drive issues.
Watch this video to learn more about this server partition manager. And if you are interested, you can download the demo version to have a try.


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