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Question from TENFORUMS:
I’m going under Computer Management>Disk Management and have deleted a partition which gave me the unallocated 48gb, and I’m trying to add that unallocated space to the main drive (C), and it’s not letting me, When I right the C drive there is only a shrink volume option, the extended volume is shaded gray. How can I fix this?
Have you ever come across the same situation? This problem is annoying, because it prevent you from extend partition with unallocated space. What’s worse, to delete a partition, you have endeavored to transfer the data to other location, and Disk Management just say NO.

Disk Management Can’t Extend Volume in Windows 10?

We all know that Windows built-in Disk Management utility is designed to offer a n easy way to manage the local drives, such as create volume, delete volume, format volume, convert to dynamic disk and so on. It is worth mentioning that Disk Management added two more useful features since Windows 7, and they are shrink volume and extend volume. The former one always work while the latter one always turns grey. This is because extend volume in Disk Management has the following restrictions:
 The target partition must be NTFS partition or Raw partition;
 The unallocated space must be on the neighboring right side of the target partition;
 Use free space to extend logical partition and unallocated space for the primary partition.

Freeware Helps to Change Partition Size in Windows 10 Freely

Since Disk Management has so many restrictions in partition resizing, we have found a free solution for Windows 10 users to manage their disks better. MiniTool Partition Wizard is always the best choice for Windows users because it is free, safe and efficient. Users can change partition size freely in Windows 10 freely by making use of its helpful functions, either “Resize Partition” or “Extend Partition” are safely and easily to perform.
Next, we will show the process of resizing partition C in Windows 10 with the free space in partition F by using the function “Extend Partition“.
Step 1: Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition, install and launch it. Then we can the main interface as showing below. Right click partition C, and select “Extend Partition“. In the pop-op window, select partition F to take free space from (we can slide the bar to decide how much free space to take). Then press “OK” to go on.
Step 2: At this time, we can preview that C will be extended and F is shrinked. In this process, no partition has to be deleted. That is so smart. Finally press “Apply” to finish the changes.
Easy isn’t it? Apart from what has been talked above, there are many other basic and advanced features in Free Partition Wizard to do Windows 10 partition management, click here to learn more.


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