Change Partition Label

Ok today’s topic is rather easy to catch the point, that is how to change partition label. But first of all I would like to start with why we need to name a partition.

Why We Name a Partition

If you have got a hard drive with huge capacity, and it is likely that you will partition it into several parts. For example, one for the operating system, one for music and movie, one for your major work, one for your photos with sweet memories…and there e can be more than I just listed out here. In this case, name a partition is of great significant. By this way we can call the partition that storing photos “PHOTO” , and this is definitely nice for us to find a specific file when scanning trough the whole disk.
Then why there is necessity to rename a partition label? Yes of course we just want to rename it. Why so many reasons? Maybe because the original name is somewhat out-of-date…Whatever, we have to find out the way to rename our partitions.

Three Ways to Change Partition Label

Way One: In Disk Management.
I already stated that I like using this utility because it was created by Windows. And by right click My Computer – Manage – Storage – Disk Management. Then right click the partition we want to rename, and choose Prosperities. In the popping box we can change the partition Label.
Way Two: In Windows Explorer.
This should be the most direct way for most of Window users. Yes the operation is simple through right clicking the partition and choose “Rename”.
Way Three: In Partition Wizard.
I should put it together with way one I think. Why? Because both of them can be carried out immediately after we have partitioned the hard drive. The operation is also rather easy to carry out.
Download this freeware

Launch this application, click the partition we want to rename and choose the feature “Set Label”. The advantage of this tool is that it is free and offers more features than the former two ways. However, you just identify whether it is useful or not according to your own needs.


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