Change partition as primary with partition magic

As known to all, a new hard drive can not be used to store data information before it is partitioned. However, partition involves several concepts like primary partition, extended partition and logical partition. Are you familiar with these different types of partition concepts? Then we’ll represent some basic information of diverse partitions briefly.

If a hard disk drive will be installed operating system in, there must be a primary partition at least in it, because only primary partition can be activated to boot computer operating system. There are only four primary partitions in a hard drive at most. And if there have been four primary partitions, other partition can not be created even if there is unallocated space in the hard drive. Apart from primary partition, extended partition is a kind of partition formation imagined by people and there is only one extended partition to the maximum in a hard drive. But we can create several logical partitions in an extended partition and the amount is usually limited by disk form. It is because we can create many logical partitions that we often see the case that there are more than four partitions in a hard drive. Through the above interpretation, you may have got a basic understanding of primary partition, logical partition and extended partition. Actually, partition status in Windows operating system is not fixed. Condition permitting, logical partition and primary partition can interconvert, but we need the help of partition magic which is able to change partition as primary or logical. Then we’ll demonstrate how to change partition as primary with partition magic.

How to change partition as primary with partition magic?
Before changing partition, please visit to download the partition magic and install it. Then launch the partition magic.

After the partition magic is launched, we can see states of all disks and partitions in the computer. Select the logical partition that will be changed as primary and right click mouse and then we can see from the menu popping up that this partition magic is equipped with a slew of partition management functions. Select “Set Partition as Primary“.

After clicking “Set Partition as Primary“, we can see the change in the interface. Partition H: has become deep blue, which means that it has been changed into primary partition. A pending operation appears in the left “Operations Pending” area. Now we need to click “Apply” to perform the previous operation. After the partition magic finishes it, we’ll have finished changing partition as primary with partition magic.

Many users may think it miraculous that we have realized changing partition as primary with partition magic through so simple operations. However, this is the particularity of this partition magic. Its operability not only finds expression in changing partition as primary, but also in other function operations. If you wan to know more about other functions, please view other pages for detailed information.


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