Change Dynamic Volume Size

Do We Need to Resize Dynamic Volume

As is often the case that in today’s use of Windows, we usually adopt the dynamic disk type. However, if the hard drive is allocated at random, it will bring us a lot of trouble. For example, a small partition volume size that contains operating system can affect the performance of our computer. Usually, we would head to Windows built-in Disk Management for help, hoping that it offer the feature to resize dynamic disk. Nevertheless, Disk Management is often letting us down. Then we search the internet and fortunately find that MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional has snapped the Dynamic Disk Manager into Partition Wizard, which gives us a big surprise.

What Can Partition Wizard Do

As it mentioned above, Partition Wizard Professional is a perfect partition manager to manage both dynamic disk and basic disk. Thus, there is no need to worry about whether it can work or not in our computer. With its help, it is rather easy to manage dynamic disk like creating, deleting, resizing, moving, formatting, etc. What’s more, its user-friendly interface makes itself easy to be understood by all the computer users, no matter they are experienced or not. Most important of all, all the data in the dynamic volumes can be protected soundly. It is worth mentioning that this partition wizard can only works on simple volume and mirrored volume.

How to Change Dynamic Volume Size

In order to make the user get the main point of how to change dynamic volume size, here we will show users the specific operations. Now, let’s see how to change dynamic volume size step by step.
Step 1: Buy Partition Wizard Professional and run it. Or you can try the DEMO version first. Then right click a dynamic volume that is going to be resized, and we will see the interface below. There are many available features that can be used to help manage the dynamic volume.
Step 2: As we are talking about how to change dynamic volume size, we should choose “Move/Resize Volume“. Then we will see a new window on which we can resize the volume size.
Step 3: Then we can use the unallocated space to expand a simple volume that is adjacent to the unallocated space.
Step 4: Please preview the changes in the middle pane. Then, click “Apply” on the top left corner to take effect.
Just a few steps can finish the task completely. Is it easy? Now, download this software to try it out!


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