Change Drive Letter Windows 7

When You Need to Arrange Drive Letter in Windows 7

In our daily life we must have encountered or at least have seen the situation that the hard drive letters in a computer is not in the right order, and which make us feel annoying. For example, you have two hard drives, one is filled with drive C, drive F, drive G; while the other one is made up of drive D, drive E… Can we do something to make them in order and making the drive letters more eye-comfortable? Yeah, this is certainly possible and should be very easy to achieve. Here we will tell how to do this.

How to Change Drive Letter in Windows 7

In fact, we have two choices to reallocate drive letters in Windows 7, that is via Disk Management and in MiniTool Partition Wizard. Now let’s take a look at these two methods.
By Using Windows Disk Management
We need to right-click My Computer and choose Management. Then in the popup windows we need to choose Disk Management form the left menu. After that we can see all our disks are listed in the right pane. Right-click a partition and choose “Change Drive Letter and Path”, here we can choose to change or to add/delete a drive letter. Change the drive letter we prefer to replace the original one.
By Using MiniTool Partition Wizard
Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, in the main interface we can see all our disks and partitions. Right-click a partition and choose “Change Letter”, here we can directly choose which drive letter we prefer to replace the original one. At last click “Apply”.
Note: if the drive letter we are going to allocated has been taken up by another partition, we can do like this: delete all drive letters (except the one for system partition for fear of system unbootable) and then change drive letter one by one in order. This will solve our trouble.


When seeing here you may wondering what are difference between using the two methods. Both are free ways and are easy to operate. Yes here we recommend both. Disk Management has been devoted to solve the basic needs for average users for many year and is reliable. However, MiniTool Partition Wizard is also easy to use and is featured with more advanced functions. So if you have more requirement on disk management, the latter one may be a better choice.
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