Change Cluster Size of FAT32 Partition

When we create a new partition in Disk Management, some parameters are set by default if we do not customize them, including the cluster size. Usually the cluster size is 8 (4096 sector). Cluster size is closely related to the read-write speed and the hard disk utilization. Small cluster size is suitable for small files to save disk space, and large cluster size is more reasonable for huge files to save responding time. However, before you store so much files in a partition, you never know whether the partition cluster size is reasonable. Thus, after a period time of usage, you may find that the cluster size needs change. Well then, how to change cluster size of FAT32 partition?
Usually, once the cluster size is settled, it is hard to change cluster size in Windows Disk Management. However, humans are always changing the world. Now you can use professional disk partition management software to change cluster size without reformatting. Here, we suggest MiniTool Partition Wizard professional edition for non server users and Server edition for server users. This program is reliable and easy to use. Next, we will show the detailed steps.

Steps to Change Cluster Size of FAT32 Partition

Take MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional for example:
Before you do:
Please install and activate the partition manager on your computer. Then, launch it to get the main interface.
Step 1: click on the FAT 32 partition you want to change cluster size and then choose “Change Cluster Size” in the left menu.
Step 2: in the pop-out window, select a new cluster size to meet your own needs accroding to the file size in that partition. Then click “Yes“. Note it is recommended to create partitions to put small files in one partition and huge files in another and set their cluster sizes accordingly.
Step 3: now press the “Apply” button to finish changing FAT32 partition cluster size. Once the application is completely by MiniTool Partition Wizard, cluster size of the selected FAT32 partition will be set successfully.
Now use this partition manager to change cluster size of FAT32 partition without reformatting. Besides, you an also use it to change the cluster size of NTFS partition reasonably.
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