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Partition management is always a hot issue for most computer users that they are seeking for a perfect solution to partition management. With the constantly developing of partition management technology, partition magic has become the best solution to partition management. With the comprehensive partition management functions, users can easily realize magical partition management. Then how can we find a piece of powerful partition magic? Even though most types of partition magic have relatively comprehensive partition management functions, some of them may have defects such as incompatibility with certain operating systems.

Some types’ partition magic only support basic disk management but not dynamic disk. In addition, even some partition magic types have powerful partition management functions, but they may cause damage to data security while working. In this case, it is hard for us to find a piece of suitable and best partition magic alternative. However, in the website, we can find such a piece of best partition magic alternative – MiniTool Partition Wizard. This powerful partition magic has features like high security, great compatibility, and rather comprehensive partition management functions. It supports not only basic disk management but also dynamic disk management. Since it is easy-to-use as well, it can be the best partition magic alternative for us. Next, let me show you a more detailed introduction to MiniTool Partition Wizard.

The fastest way to create volume
As we all know that with system built-in disk management tool, we can only create basic partition or dynamic volume one by one. So it is very complex to operate. As long as we employ MiniTool Partition Wizard, we can make things easier. We can create multiple partitions or volumes at the same time. Next, let me show you a demonstration of creating volume with the best partition magic alternative. After installing, launch it and we will see the following interface:

In this main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard, we can see the disk and volume condition. Click “Create” button to start creating:

In this interface, select the volume type (here let’s select “RAID-5” volume), and then click “Next” button to continue:

In this interface, select the disks we need to create this volume, and click “Next” button to continue:

In this interface, users can set detailed information of this volume including volume label, drive letter, file system, and cluster size, etc. We can also drag the partition handle border to adjust the size of this volume. After setting, click “Finish” button to return to main interface:

In main interface, we can see that we have successfully created a RAID-5 volume. But this is only a preview effect. We can continue creating more volumes with the above method:

As this picture shows, after continuously creating several volumes, we can see the changes in main interface. In the “Operations Pending” blank we can see five pending operations. They are five volumes we are about to create. Click “Apply” button to execute.

These simple operations have helped us to create multiple volumes successfully. Through this demonstration, you must have learnt certain knowledge about this partition magic alternative. For more information, please visit other content of website.


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